Episode 22: Spite Poop

This is the one where the guys did an afternoon recording and Eric and Andy are coming off of a long night. The guys get started by talking about how wonderful coffee is. Of course, as a show sponsored by a brewery (thanks Real Deal Brewing, Menomonie, WI!) it’s an episode fueled by uppers and downers. 

Your positively patriotic podcast posse talks about the recent eagle cam in Pennsylvania that showed a cat being eaten by bald eagles on a live stream. Despite what the internet was saying, the Audubon Society says that it was a live stream, not a live cat. They also apologized for wildlife not having the friendly Disney-movie relationship where they all hold hands and sing songs like you’ve been imagining this whole time. Things kill other things to eat sometimes, whether or not you think those things are cute and cuddly. 

Ian goes instructive in this one. First by explaining smartphone etiquette for watching live performances in a theater and then about how to carry yourself when you’re giving a presentation in a college classroom. 

Ian also says that he is trying to focus his attention more while watching movies, instead of surfing for porn or whatever it is he does. The first movie he tries this with is Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. He says it worked. 

Andy thinks we should all go spend some time in the woods and Ian and Eric both can’t believe they’ve never thought of that as a recommendation before because it’s apparently the greatest thing they’ve ever heard. It might be awhile before there is a recommendation that all of the guys agree on that hard. Except maybe the next Deadpool movie.

As a follow up, Eric officially thinks you should check out Pedro Sanjuan’s Dubya & Eddie, an irreverent satire of George W. Bush’s presidency as told from the perspective of a wily coyote.