Episode 25: I Like Trains

This is the one where it’s Episode 25! Instead of celebrating arbitrary numbers, Eric decides it’s time to introduce a new segment, This Week in Fucked Up History. Every week, for the next couple of weeks anyway, Eric will open the show by reading something totally fucked up that happened on this day, but before. We’ll see how this works on a comedy podcast. Are we a comedy podcast? I mean, we’re in the comedy section but does anybody find us funny?  If so (or not), leave us a review on iTunes -- 5 stars and we'll read it on the air!

Anyway, after a story about how some shitty white guy scammed a bunch of Americans out of Manhattan, Eric gives an update on Corey Lequieu, the first of the Malheur dildos to enter a plea in court. His is basically a story about a guy with a bunch of priors who pointed guns at the cops. Who hasn’t been there?

Andy took a trip to Colorado! He gives the full report —  the flight out, the awesome state of Denver’s mass transit system, some restaurants he went to, adventures in car rentals, getting married, having pancakes from a printer. You know, the whole nine.

The guys also take some time to discus their favorite combination businesses. And here is a song about the greatest combination of them all.

That video that Ian was talking about with the Rappin' for Jesus? Yeah, totally not the Westboro Baptist Church, as awesome as that would have been.

This is the pancake printer Andy was talking about.

This is the PancakeBot Eric was talking about.

This is the pancake art Ian was talking about.

When they did the part of the show where they recommend things, Ian said that if you’re a human being that eats food, you should prepare your food in cast iron. If you’re going to use cast iron to prepare your food, you should give the Lodge brand a look.

Eric thinks that you should read books. And if you’re going to read books, you should read I’m a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson. It’s a winner.

Andy says that you should get off your stupid ass and travel. And he said it just like that, too. Can you believe that?