Epidode 24: Moonshine and Pancakes

In this one, the show starts out with a talk about Eric’s investigation into what the hashtags that are promoted on the show are mostly used for. It turns out that none of our hosts are familiar with successful TV program called Scandal. Probably no one should be shocked by that. 

During the last week, we got a message from a listener—Jen, from Kansas—who wrote, “Hey guys, I just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying the show. I think Andy was a good addition. I really love his adorable Wisconsin accent.” Andy took exception to this because, as we all know, Andy is actually from Minnesota. And to prove it, he took this dialect quiz that was originally published in the New York Times. 

The conversation then takes a turn to talk about a recent guest on the Maury Povich show. 21-year-old Searcy Hayes was on the show to find out which of five potential men is her baby daddy when viewers noticed she bore a striking resemblance to a particular US Senator from Texas.

There was an Italian Ivy League economics professor who was escorted off of a plane for doing math, keeping America safe for one more day.

Thinking about heading to the wilderness to enjoy some pancakes and moonshine? Andy gives some handy advice that might help. 

In the section where we recommend things, it sounds like Ian is going to recommend trap shooting, but then takes a hard left turn and says you should just go do something that you like outside.

Andy really likes the Music of JoCo—or Jonathan Coulton for those of you not part of the club—and thinks you should give him a listen.

Because you probably haven’t heard us talk about Deadpool enough in the last two weeks, Eric’s pick is Deadpool Volume 2 by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan.