Episode 18: No Piercer

We are excited to announce our latest Twitter follower, Lacy Rhyner (@yancamxoxsex) who is almost certainly a real person and not a porn bot.  You, too, can follow us on Twitter @InsincereBull.

Speaking of people who may or may not be who they say they are, you should check out the YouTube channel of comedian James Veitch. He has spent some time replying to scam emailers and creating videos with the responses.

Eric took a trip to Phoenix to see some spring training baseball, which brings up the inevitable question: which is better, Major League or Major League 2? Eric also shares his observation of the difference between native Phoenicians and visiting Chicagoans. 

Ian just saw Snowpiercer and shares his opinions. As it turns out, Snowpiercer has a 95% Critic’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So the lesson here is that obviously Ian’s opinions on movies can’t be trusted. Just keep that in mind as we move forward with this show. 

In regard to the discussion about murdering baby pineapples, pineapple plants typically take 16 to 24 months to produce fruit, and in most cases a pineapple plant can only produce fruit two or three times in its lifespan.

Also, according to the website Top 5 of Anything, Belgium is the second largest importer of pineapples; Germany is fourth. 

Still buzzing from having seen Deadpool, the guys talk about their intentions regarding the other superhero movie in theaters, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ian says he’s going to see it at some point because he has high hopes for Batflec. Eric refuses to cheat on his one and only superhero, Deadpool—or something like that. That’s basically what he said. 

Ian thinks that if you like this podcast, you’ll like Batmetal. Go prove him wrong.

Eric says that if you like the shows Archer and Bob’s Burgers you should check out some of H. Jon Benjamin’s earlier works, including a show called Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

Andy says that if you like things and making things and like watching people who make things, you should check out the YouTube channel, Clickspring