Episode 20: Birkenscience

This is the one where the guys talk about the difference between Celiac Disease, a clinically diagnosable condition, and the notion of gluten sensitivity, which is most likely a condition made up by the organic foods industry to sell more carrots or whatever. 

They also discuss Ian’s recent Mega Bus trip to Iowa where he was arrested for exposing himself to a girl and masturbating for three hours, presumably while making eyebrows at her and nodding to his penis in his hand. Oh, did I say Ian? I meant some guy on in a news story on the internet that has nothing to do with Ian at all. Promise. 

The guys also do a medium dive into the recently passed “bathroom laws” in some of our more regressive states which limit what bathroom transgender people can use because apparently trans people are only putting on an act so they can get into the opposite sex bathroom and assault god-fearing straight people and their children. Because we all know how often that’s happening, right? News at 11.

Also, this is the one where you get to find out where your favorite podcast hosts stand on the idea of free will. And you will find out, whether you want to or not. 

Bullshit recommendations:

Andy wants you to check out Minneapolis hip-hop artist Atmosphere, which you totally should do because Atmosphere is some fly-ass shit.

Eric managed to squeeze in that you should watch Drunk History: Season 3 before the goddamned fortune cookie could interrupt him this time.

Just so you book readers aren’t left out, Ian thinks you should pick up a copy of The Name of the Wind, which you can totally buy by going to insincerebs.com/amazon which not only hooks you up with a sweet book, but a portion of your purchase comes back to support the show!