Episode 17: The Gimli Glider

This one starts off with a discussion about the merits of old carpet remnants to soundproof the Nerd Bunker versus investing in actual soundproofing foam. The guys are a little worried about how the studio is going to smell when the weather starts to warm up.

Ian played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time and sounds like his life has changed forever. Eric has trouble moving beyond the fact that Ian played it with only two people, like somehow that shouldn’t even be possible. It is kind of weird, though, if we’re being honest.

The bulk of this one centered around a story that Eric wanted to tell about one of the greatest feats in aviation history. A note about part of the discussion: airliners do have horns. It’s called the Ground Crew Warning System, but it would have been useless for what the guys were talking about in the show. 

Also, Ian commits to continuing his math education in case the three of them are ever in an aircraft that runs out of fuel. Chances are, we’d be boned anyway.

If you needed to hear a conversation about pants and underwear, boy, did you come to the right place. Andy starts out his part of the recommendation segment with an endorsement of Duluth Trading Co.’s Firehose Work Pants. Apparently, they are even more comfortable than slipping on a nice, broken in section of firehose.

Ian also gives a handy tip: don’t stab your pants with a knife. I think that’s something we can agree is good advice.

Andy also has been trying underwear and says that he really likes Duluth’s Buck Naked and Armachillo lines.

Ian decides to use this platform to speak out against silk boxers. He has a surprisingly strong opinion about them and I think we all walk away with our perception of Ian slightly altered.

Eric watched the animated movie Hell and Back which doesn’t do it’s amazing cast justice. Watch with caution and be ready to bail. So in a move of “consume this, not that” Eric says you should check out Andrew Mayne’s new book, Station Breaker