Episode 16: F**k That Dog

This one starts out with some updates on some of our favorite stories. First up is the garbage crisis in Lebanon. The waste disposal company is an organization called Sukleen. Sukleen’s headquarters are in Beirut proper. Because Beirut’s economy relies heavily upon tourism, the streets of Beirut were kept clean and the garbage piles were pushed to the surrounding communities. 

Next up was touching base with the Bundys. Clive is trying to get out on bail, but it seems—by the things that are being said—that he, his wife and his supporters are conspiring to keep him in jail. Meanwhile, apparently in an effort to keep himself locked up for as long as possible, Ryan Bundy has chosen to represent himself in his upcoming trial in connection with the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff.

Speaking of guns and such, Ian and Andy spent the afternoon at a shooting range. This leads to a talk about duck hunting, which then leads to a talk about Duck Hunt, the legendary NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game. I think we can all agree when we say, “Fuck that dog.”

Ian talks about a magic electromagnetic box that would allow people to do things to each other over great distances. What is he talking about? Your guess is as good as mine, here. 

In case you missed it in there, when Eric was talking about the movies Nothing But Trouble, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and Big Trouble in Little China, what he was trying to say was that it’s okay to like things that aren’t very good. He's probably just saying that because his taste in movies cannot be trusted.

When it came to that part of the show where the guys recommend things, Andy suggests you check out the comedy series, Letterkenny Problems

Ian did a pretty good job of doing a spoiler-free recommendation of The Martian in movie form.

And Eric thinks that if you have an archaic, outdated video game system like a PS3, and haven’t played the Mass Effect trilogy, you should totally give that a shot.